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We like to think of purchasing an aircraft as a three-step process.

Step 1 is to identify your profile. Where will you be primarily flying to? How many people will typically be on board? Do you mind stopping for fuel/lunch/bathroom or is non-stop absolutely essential? 

Step 2 is to identify a budget range. You can buy an airplane for $15K or $50MM and in both cases, financing is always available. The costs associated with purchasing an airplane are pretty simple, however, much thought needs to be given to the ancillary fixed costs involved such as pilots, hangar and maintenance. Once those are estimated, we’ll analyze the variable operating costs, which are all dependent on Step 1.

Step 3 is knowing the right people in order to get the best aircraft available. It will require a thorough pre-purchase inspection to ensure that we know as much about the airplane as is possible prior to flying it. Typically pre-purchase inspections are done at a maintenance shop of the buyer’s choosing and any discrepancies found are reconciled by the seller.

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