What is P6’s methodology for flight training?

We believe in immersion. Flying is a mental, physical and psychological endeavor, which requires time and patience. It’s an endurance game. There is a real benefit to going all-in, as opposed to stretching your training out. Our pedagogy shapes knowledgable, well-rounded pilots who operate like professionals. 

How long does it take to become a pilot, in terms of actual length and logbook hours?

Even given the challenging NE weather, a student pilot should be able to achieve their private pilot certificate in approximately 3 months — the caveat being that you fly multiple (3-4) times per week and study several hours per day. There is no lite version to flight training that achieves results quickly.

With regards to the second question regarding logbook hours, the FAA requires 35 hours for a private pilot under Part 61 rules. To learn in the NE, you can expect approximately 65 hours. To learn in a Cirrus SR20 G6, you can expect 80 hours. That is because you are learning the basic mechanics of flying and airmanship, in addition to the Garmin Perspective+ system, which takes some time — all while learning to navigate very complex airspace. 

How much does it cost to become a pilot?

Like most things in life, there is a potential range and there is an average cost. That range is from $8K to $40K and the average is roughly $17K. Depending on your aptitude and commitment, achieving your private pilot certificate at P6 will cost approximately $30K. 

Why do you fly exclusively Cirrus Aircraft?

We are professional pilots who believe in pilot safety first and foremost. Given this core tenet, it would be irresponsible and hypocritical not to fly the very best equipment available. The Cirrus SR Series (w/ Garmin Perspective+ avionics) is a highly advanced general aviation piston aircraft and in some ways, more advanced than the jets that we flew in the Part 121 world. 

Our clients don’t see cost and safety as a tradeoff. They understand that the best equipment comes with a premium and the cost-benefit analysis falls clearly on the side of safety.

Do you feel that this is a safe aircraft for flying your family around?

I’ll answer that question with these photos!

I’ll take it one step further. Cirrus aircraft are equipped with:

  • 65’ airframe parachute

  • LVL button on the Autopilot, which essentially corrects any adverse aircraft attitude before a pilot gets into a loss-of-control situation

  • Pilot and Front passenger airbags

So, yes, I would and do fly my family in this aircraft

Does P6 manage aircraft and what do those services entail?

Aircraft management can be summed up by saying that our clients want to arrive at their airplane, do a thorough preflight and go. They don’t want to have to update navigation databases, clean the cargo area and make sure tire pressure is within parameters. That’s what we do and we’re extremely attentive to it.