P6 is a way to safely enjoy a lifetime of flying. It was passed down to me by a salty old marine and flight instructor mentor who used to lecture about the 6P’s: Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance. The idea that while anything can happen in the air, we can prepare for just about any scenario while on the ground. 

Our responsibility as pilots is to identify and mitigate the potential hazards for each flight we take, thereby stacking the deck in our favor as much as possible. Flying is one of the greatest freedoms that we have in life and ensuring that our clients do it safely is absolutely paramount.

Our backgrounds as flight instructors, aircraft owners and former airline pilots means that we consider every perspective. What that means as a client and student, is that you can be sure that we operate our business like our airplanes — at the highest level, using the best technology and sparing no expense toward an incredible client experience.